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I have been in business for 13 years and people are writing untrue comments about my company on this website. I sell authentic Hermes handbags and have brokered these bags since I started my business in 2001.

It seems when people do not get their way or are jealous of a successful business they try to destroy it. I contacted Pissed Consumer and they stated they do not remove untrue comments no matter what the circumstance.

They told me to contact my attorney and open a case for John Do and file a subpoena. So basically ANYONE can write whatever they want on this website and write anything anonymous lies without any repercussions.

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Perhaps better CUSTOMER SERVICE skills would help you. LOTS of online companies do business knowing there are percentages that dubiously play into that business.

If you had a brick and mortar business with all the overhead and extra expenses you may actually understand what it takes to DO BUSINESS.

Your comments of "It seems when people do not get their way or are jealous of a successful business" shows your short sided view of what business is. Its not about YOU, its about HOW YOU DO BUSINESS.

By giving in and giving back even if it cost you, 74% of the time you maintain and actually gain more business from the same people who wouldn't even look at you now.


An example of this: I own an automobile dealership and the service department often has unsatisfied customers, even to the point they dont wanna pay the bill. I hired a professional Debt Collector who actually SHOWED ME how this works. I gave him full authority (cause he asked for it) to negotiate a settlement of these unpaid bills. Of 23 cases he collected on 17 but 6 wouldn't budge.

He asked what would make them happy and the answer in every case was to dismiss the debt outright. We talked it over and the actual money involved was not worth the stress and aggravation to keep up with.

To save my own sanity and just get past this I agreed. We closed the cases and he went back to these customers on a personal home visit to give them the good news.

To my utter suprise over the next 2 years 5 of these customers came to my dealership and purchased NEW VEHICLES. 4 of them also sent their own friends to purchase a vehicle and we have closed on these referrals 24 times. (We pay money to customers that provide support and sales to the dealership. The money is meager but it does make others happy as pie to get it.

Fact is this cost is included in the sale of the car in the first place and even if it didn't I would be happy to pay $100.00 to gain more business) My EYES had been opened to a new way of conducting business. Appease your customers that you already have and they in turn will spread the GOOD NEWS to their friends. Whalllllllah a new view and enlightenment.

Hope this helps you. It sure did me..................

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